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Developer log #1 :: WSForm


We have been gradually creating a stand-alone version of WSForm that could be released to the MediaWiki community.

The current version of WSForm is so packed with features and custom development (JavaScript, custom query commands, etc..) that we are stripping it all down to a clean and solid solution.

First off, WSForm is not a Page Forms replacement and it was never intended to be. What it is, is an extension that renders HTML5 forms on any page right in the source.

Building forms is really close to building forms with HTML5 and the actual rendered page will have a fully HTML5-compatible form.

WSForm also includes all HTML5 input elements, from a simple text input to a range slider.

At the SMWCon in Rotterdam (2017) we first showed a little bit of WSForm and at the SMWCon of 13th of December (2018), my colleague Viktor also demonstrated some of WSForm's features.

In this first blog I will give an overview of what WSForm is and how it might be of use to you and/or your company.

There's still a lot to be done in creating a stand-alone version of WSForm.

The Developer Log should keep you up-to-date on the development roadmap.

Have fun!

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